6 comments on “Training Made Simple II: Planning for the Season Ahead

  1. Hi Andy

    having looked at periodisation and refelceted on how I did it recently (module in course work) I felt that the annual plan was merely a framework to hang the plan on for the next season. The weekly and monthly micro and meso cycles turned out to be more important in tweaking the inital plan to reach the goal because of injuries, real world kicking in for athletes etc.

    But in reviewing my plans I recognised that I had I could do better in planning as new things appered such as recovery time and effects of intensity in the plan. Or is it that the initial plan is simply that, initial and you can only build the specific content when you know where the athlete is immediately prior to the cycle?

    So for me periodisation and planning is essential but only if accompanied by review and tweaks as necessary!

    • Thanks for your comment Di.

      Yeah, I agree the annual plan is a mere framework but it’s far too easy to get too caught up with trying to get it right.

      Over the next few weeks, I’ll build up from the planning stage to doing more specific “blocks” of training so will hopefully provide my perspective on your questions.

      I definitely think planning is essential….but not so sure if periodisation in the sense of having micro and meso-cycles etc is that important.

      Quite happy to chat further or have a skype if you’re interested.


  2. Nice writeup, here in the USA, very few know about Bompa, much less use it. They all want fast results, with very little work. Every magazine has an article about your first century or what ever in 6 weeks, or some other silly thing.

    keep up the great work

    • Many thanks!

      Magazines are the same here….I suspect they provide readers with what they want to hear, rather than the best possible advice. I know on one big website that it attracts approx 20000 hits in a week on generic training plans with the “short fix”! My guess is that articles saying “it’s gonna take 5 years of hard work and sacrifice” wouldn’t sell so well though 🙂


  3. Hi Andy, having recently given a talk on Periodisation and Specificity in Dallas I’d suggest looking more towards the work of Tschiene, Mellenberg and also Verkhoshansky particularly as his “block” approach and guidelines are considered to more closely mirror exercise physiology as is now known.
    Email me if you want the slides,
    “Another evidence based coach” 🙂

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