2 comments on “Delivering a Decent Coaching Session

  1. When someone says ‘most of you were …’ I am the other way round. I wonder if ‘most’ included me, and then start worrying whether I am doing that thing wrong, even if I thought I wasn’t! Either way, it’s imprecise. Personal feedback is better.

    Also, I would add as an athlete that if a coach gives you a point to work on, you try it … and then there’s no comment, it’s demoralising – we need to hear whether it’s now better or not! 🙂

    In a session I personally don’t mind being ‘told’ sometimes, but only for a little bit. Nothing worse than standing around listening to a coach talk and talk without getting to DO anything!

  2. Curious about the technique at trials story~

    I liked this post and can tell you put a lot of thought into it. I’ve been fortunate to have wonderful coaches during my career and they’ve all had their own styles but were effective in different ways.

    My favorite coaches answer questions, explain things multiple ways, do demonstrations or use an athlete to demonstrate and adjust practices on site to attain the workout’s goals. They are enthusiastic, trustworthy and also never stop learning. It’s very important not to get set in your ways.

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