5 comments on “Think yourself faster: Critical thinking

  1. Excellent post.

    ‘It is very important that you understand the limitations of your knowledge and seek guidance from an appropriately qualified professional if you do not fully understand the implications of the original evidence. ‘ This is probably one of most difficult things for many people to accept as a first step to practising what you are preaching here. Furthermore, acceptance is not free of risk because of the various snake oil merchants, some with qualifications, roaming the world.

    As you say, one large obstacle is the use of statistical data. They are always subject to interpretation and manipulation, as the beetroot example illustrates beautifully. Politicians and marketers, and even academics, do it routinely, and gullible reporters regurgitate juicy bits or further manipulate the data to suit their preconceived conclusions. The methodology of study may be virtually irreproachable, but people may still choose to present only select pieces of data to support a certain interpretation that is not obvious from the complete study. And, round and round we go…

    • Thanks for your comments. Wholeheartedly agree!

      It is difficult for inexperienced coaches to engage with professionals , due to confidence, financial constraints or the ability of ‘experts’ to disseminate their knowledge appropriately.

      Rather, one of my Raison d’être’s is to encourage critical thinking in coaches through the use of open questions and rational debate…….quite a challenge where a human tendency is to go for the path of least resistance.

    • There is definitely less chance of being burnt at the stake than in history past, so I stand by that statement. On reflection though, I would say that I cannot back up my statement on stoning….so withdraw it 🙂

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