7 comments on “Group Riding on the Open Highway (Edited)

  1. Point 6…in my experience females in triathlon need. To learn to ride full stop as many miss out handling the bike and jump to speed and miles and try and hang on…scaring themselves to death and ultimately not staying in the sport . Back to basics is a need for female novice riders in my opinion

  2. This made me think of Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers theory, that talent is only one component of success, and it takes 10,000 hours of practice before anyone can be successful in a specific discipline. Traditionally, as you point out, riders would start as junior club members, and put in a lot of hours in club runs and races over the years, gradually acquiring the instincts and skills that allowed them to ride safely in a group. The past 20 years has seen a huge decline in the number of juniors coming through the system, with a more recent rise in the number of adult novices who have not served this sort of apprenticeship. Perhaps the current resurgence of the junior scene will help to rebalance things by raising the average skill level in the bunch in a few years time!

    p.s. Just as an aside, I believe the specific incident referred to in your article was actually an unfortunate accident triggered by an awkwardly parked car, rather than the result of careless or dangerous riding by the group.

    • Thanks for your comments Ken.

      Yeah… I’m lucky insofar as I regularly see the best of the kids these days. The 10000 hours is a funny one….Jamie Timmons work on genetics suggests that not even 10 million hours would work for me.

      Yeah… I was careful not to say too much about this weekend’s crash as I wasn’t there. Wishing everyone a speedy recovery.

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