3 comments on “The Beginning of a New Research Journey: What is Knowledge?

  1. Interesting post thanks, and much to chew on, but take care defining knowledge so categorically… it’s a big philosophical issue!

  2. Interesting post Andy, I’ve come to similar conclusions, however I think using concepts, theories and models are useful to show people different perspectives on the challenge they are attempting to solve, but don’t get wedded to any, for example I’ve read a lot of the work on why learning styles aren’t the answer, and I tend to agree as a comprehensive solution, but it does cast some light on the issue of two swimmers in a drill session, one who ‘can’t start’ until they fully ‘understand’ and the other is off before you half way through naming the drill to be done. Are they activists and theorist/reflectors? Almost certainly not always, maybe not even in this situation but it gives us something to think about as a coach. Does it work in a specific situation with a specific individual is probably as good as we can do. In educational terms, encouraging people to review theories, and challenge them and constructing their own thinking and learning is a better way to go.

    From Policy research there is ‘What works for who in what circumstances and why’ from the work of Ray Pawson, the theory translates well into coaching as well. There are too many variables to come up with definitive answers.

    • Thanks for your comments Tony.

      I think we’re pretty broadly aligned, and would probably reach consensus between us.

      I’m thinking that one person’s knowledge is another’s information. The danger of using models, regardless of the intention of who designed it, is how they are applied stringently by others.

      As coach educators, we must consider and be aware of where, epistemologically, learners are and their likely interpretation of information we ‘deposit’ on them….. To do so, maybe the best way is simply for us to empower others to learn effectively rather than trying to tick boxes for some arbitrary competency profile.

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