Inspired by IM 70.3 Edinburgh : Help us Help You

IM 70.3 Edinburgh

This post is specifically for people on the IM 70.3 Edinburgh Facebook group. No need to read on unless you’re a member. 

Triathlon is an amazing sport which inspires us all in completely different ways. The 2017 IM 70.3 Edinburgh was an amazing experience for me, as I met some amazing people and learnt a great deal about how you were preparing for the challenge.

With over 60% of participants doing their 1st IM event, it was clear that many of you were going into the unknown and that can be very scary. Further, over 90% of triathletes train alone, in small groups and have never been coached. That means many of you are accessing your race knowledge through magazines, websites or posting questions on the Facebook page.

Reading your comments and questions on Facebook has inspired me to put an expert team together to help athletes like you for future races. We want to design online and face-to-face tools to help athletes monitor their state of mental preparedness for big endurance events. Our team includes me (an expert coach) and a group of psychologists (Prof. Andy Lane; Dr Claire Rossato and Dr Alister McCormick).

That’s where you come in. We’d like you to tell us about your thoughts in the run up to IM Edinburgh 70.3 . Specifically,  what were the ‘mental’ demands you experienced before this event? You could include stuff like:

  • Unwanted thoughts (e.g., worry, thoughts about cancelling, thoughts about not being able to finish the event)
  • Emotions (e.g., nerves, fear, frustration, discouragement),
  • Behaviours (e.g., avoiding doing important things, cancelling your entry)?

We’ll use your answers as ‘pilot data’ to help us shape the project. If you don’t want to post on Facebook, drop me an email at with your thoughts.  I’ll simply ‘cut n paste’ your comments and then put them into themes without recording your name. We’re at a very embryonic stage of the project so University ethics approval has not yet been sought.

Many thanks in advance



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