Coaching Consultation Services

Coaching Consultation Services and Mentoring

I’m available on an ad-hoc basis to provide coaching consultation services including:

  • Designing coach CPD material
  • Advising on and evaluating long-term athlete development and coaching pathways
  • Mentoring other coaches
  • Writing material for magazines and the national press.

My little ‘black book’ is full of contacts, so if I can’t help, I’m likely to know someone who can.


I do not actively market my coaching services. That is because I maintain a very small ‘stable’ of athletes so that I can give them my all.

If you’re interested in being coached by me, by all means contact me. My general rule is that if you’ve got enough money to be coached by me, then the likelihood is that you’ll be working too hard in your day-job to benefit from my expertise. If you’re skint, I’m more likely to coach you but I’d expect:

  1. That you’ve got the work-ethic, commitment and talent to win at the highest level
  2. That we get on amazingly well so that I don’t mind burning the candle at both ends to work with you.

What Can I Offer You?

That depends. Fundamental to my coaching is that it’s always athlete-centred. That means that I will focus on your needs rather than simply giving you a generic training programme. Although my professional background is in sports science, I recognise that’s only a small part of being a good coach. Coaching is also about understanding human behaviour, what makes people tick and barriers that get in the way of optimal performance.

I will always recognise my limitations in qualifications, experience, expertise and competence. That means if I don’t know something, then I will say so. If I can’t help in a particular area, I’ll probably know an expert that can and refer you on. If there’s a simple solution, I won’t suggest a more complex one. I aim to protect the integrity of endurance sport and promote clean drug free sport, without exception. That means helping ensure you never take a banned substance, even inadvertently when I’m coaching you. The Global DRO link at the side of the page will help.


What I Charge?

Coaching consultation services are charged depending on the complexity of the project and time commitment. If you’re an elite or talented young athlete who is struggling to make ends meet, then payment is by agreement. Additional TrainingPeaks charges may apply. If you’re an age-grouper, then make me an offer which is appropriate for my level of expertise and experience. 


I can be contacted at:

Twitter- #andykirkland71

Please feel free to email me with any specific questions you have and a contact number if you’d like me to phone you. Alternatively, please leave a comment on the blog.


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